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Emma Cornford

Business Analyst at Interflora

“I am currently working for Interflora as a Business Analyst in the IT department. My job involves working with all areas of the business analysing their processes and IT systems and working with business stakeholders to understand their problems and needs. I am then able to document requirements of a new process or system, design a potential solution and create to-be processes as a solution to business problems, which I then work through with the developers in India. My role sits in-between the business and the IT developers and allows me to gain a broad understanding of all areas of the business along with understanding how our systems work from a technical perspective; which is a great mix. Without taking Computer Science and then going on to completing a Computing degree, I would not have the skills or knowledge to allow me to carry out this well-rounded role”.


Franklin College
Chelmsford Avenue,
DN34 5BY
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