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Connor Stephenson

IT Apprenticeship at Unilever

"Franklin taught me almost everything I know about Computing, IT and Computers in general. While taking both IT and Computer Science the support within IT was phenomenal. I was always offered help, if needed. If you are willing to learn they will help you the best they can. After learning about degree level apprenticeships from Darren, my Computer Science Tutor at the time. I decided that university wasn't for me but instead I wanted to apply for some Apprenticeships. Where I would get experience within the workplace and a degree at the end of the scheme.

“What I have learnt through Computer Science and IT at Franklin gave me a huge leg up, meaning I already had a lot of the foundation knowledge that not many people on my same course have and with this it also helped me secure my role here. The Computer Science Project was by far the best part of Computer Science, giving me experience and allowing me to show my independence to the people who interviewed me and allowed me to get a role at a multinational company - Unilever. Franklin was a huge part in allowing me to get this role and allowing me to start the progression to my future working within the IT industry.

“I'm currently doing a Digital and Technology Degree Apprenticeship at Unilever in Port Sunlight. Working on many of the things I learned about in college, like SQL, some programming and scripting, doing a lot of work with networking and servers and much more. The program includes me working towards a full Bachelor's Degree at the end of the 4 year program, which allows me to have one day a week off to study towards this from the course I will be doing things like Object-Orientated Programming and eventually a specialist module working on programming and software development”. 


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