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Andy Green

Founder Lyke Ltd

“In 2015 I left Franklin College with AS in Business Studies and A levels in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science. College played a bigger part in shaping my career than I could have ever imagined and taught me things that I never realised I needed to know about.

“I now run my own business called Lyke Ltd., which provides bespoke digital solutions and websites to businesses. I had known this is what I wanted to do for a couple of years previous and had started to set up the business selling off-the-shelf software rather than bespoke software. As part of my Computing course, I developed a piece of software for my previous secondary academy to use and drew up supporting documentation which showed every stage of development. This was so well received that I was asked by the chain that owned the academy, David Ross Education Trust, to roll the system out to all 10 secondary academies which they run and we continue to work closely together to improve the system to this day.

“I now have 17 clients and growing and provide a variety of different services and even manage one client’s IT systems for them. Recently I also delivered training to a firm based in Belgium which I built a website for.

“Not only do I take pride in the growing client base, but I am also proud that I have been able to offer internships and currently work with volunteers. This provides an opportunity for me to give back to the community and help people to gain knowledge and experience that will enhance their CVs and give them a head start in their careers. Additionally I was proud to receive the Northern Lincolnshire Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2016 and to be a finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the Lincolnshire Digital & Tech Awards in 2017.

“I attribute a lot of my success to studying Computing at Franklin College. Having the A level itself provides clients with peace of mind and together with the knowledge I gained, has played a role in helping me to win clients. More importantly though the course broadened and consolidated my existing knowledge, covered topics that I may have never ordinarily looked at, and proved to be absolutely invaluable in the real world due to the organisational, planning and interpersonal skills the course developed. I rely on the knowledge that I gained in Computing every day now and there are times when I know I would’ve struggled if I hadn’t have taken the subject. What’s more, being at Franklin meant that I could take advantage of several enrichment opportunities within the subject area and sign up to become a mentor.

“For anyone considering a career in the digital space, especially in programming or hardware, I would fully recommend choosing Computer Science as an option at Franklin College. The fundamentals skills the course teaches are transferable and will always be required. There will be an ever increasing demand for people who can code well and reliably, with a solid understanding of technology. As a student it is often easy to question the real world applications of topics within a classroom environment, but it is clear to me that an A Level in Computer Science is much more than another grade”.


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