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About Us

About Us

A brief overview of Franklin College

In 2015 Franklin celebrated its 25 anniversary with a range of events throughout the year. Franklin has a long tradition of student’s achieving excellent results and leaving college prepared to take their next step towards their desired future. Students at the College move successfully onto prestigious universities, apprenticeships and work.

Franklin recognises its place within the community and works with local and national companies, clubs, societies and charities to provide opportunities for our students. Franklin is proud to be a college which supports Equality, Diversity and Inclusion among students and staff in order to achieve their full potential in a supportive and inclusive environment. The college has attained Investors in Diversity.

Franklin College’s local education context is complex and diverse. All secondary schools are now self-governing Academies (both 11-16 and 11-18) and there is a large general FE college with a growing HE provision. A further aspect of diversity lies in the proximity of selective grammar schools and other secondary provision in the neighbouring county of Lincolnshire.

Franklin is a member of the national organisation SFCA (Sixth Form Colleges Association) and the AoC (Association of Colleges). Regionally the College works with Norvic (Northern Sixth Form Colleges Federation) for the purposes of development and mutual support. The College has particularly close relationships with the Universities of Hull and Lincoln and is an Associate college of both.

Franklin are proud to be part of the Venn4 partnership with 3 other colleges in the Humber region (John Leggott College, Wyke College and Wilberforce College). The Venn4 partnership was developed by the colleges to share good practice in all areas and to work on mutually beneficial projects.

Our History

Franklin College opened in September 1990 following the reorganisation of primary, middle and secondary schools within the Borough of Grimsby. School sixth form provision was transferred to the new college based on the site of Chelmsford School which closed as part of the reorganisation. The college is named after Jack and Florence Franklin who, as local councillors, had devoted most of their adult lives to the well-being of the area.

The student number plan was for a small college of about 450 students based on the area’s historically low post 16 participation of around 35%. The college immediately exceeded the planning number and the 16-19 population now stands at over 1600.

The reorganisation of 1990 was carried out by Humberside County Council which had recently completed a similar exercise in Hull with the creation of Wyke and Wilberforce Sixth Form Colleges.

Humberside County Council wished to include the immediately adjacent Borough of Cleethorpes in the reorganisation plan but was unable to achieve this at the time but was completed in the following years.

In 1993, along with all sixth form and FE colleges, Franklin was removed by an Act of Parliament from the local authority to become an incorporated college. In 1996 Humberside County Council was abolished, replaced by a number of unitary authorities. The College is now located in N E Lincolnshire which includes the two boroughs of Grimsby and Cleethorpes and the port town of Immingham.

Following incorporation in 1993 the college diversified its provision beyond sixth form work and set up provision for adult learners both on site and in outreach centres.

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Franklin College will provide an excellent learning experience, in an inclusive and supportive environment, which inspires students to achieve their potential. Innovative, outward looking and working in partnership, we will raise aspirations for young people and adults.

Mission Statement

Full Time Courses

At Franklin College, we offer the widest range of A Levels, BTECs, CTECs and GCSEs in the area. Every year we help hundreds of young people take the next step in becoming who they want to be

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More and more students are getting in touch to be part of the Alumni society. If you would like to register your details and be part of future events or work with current students then please send a message with your contact details.

College Tours

College Tours

If you would like to come for a look around the college you can come along on any Wednesday at 4pm in term time and we would be happy to show you around and talk about your application. No booking necessary.


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