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Tutorial at Franklin

Tutorial at Franklin

Each student is assigned a fantastic Progress Coach who delivers students a tutorial programme!


Examples of the things that are covered in tutorial are:

  • Progression – Support for the next steps post Franklin are provided, whether this be to university; employment; or an apprenticeship. Each student will work with their Progress Coach on an individual progression plan to ensure a smooth and successful transition. Progress Coaches support students through the UCAS procedure, with application forms and interview techniques.
  • Review of study programme – Regular reviews of study programmes take place within tutorial to ensure that students are making good progress and meeting their targets in their curriculum subjects. It is also a chance to ensure students taking advantage of extra-curricular opportunities and developing their employability skills.
  • Employability Skills – Progress Coaches and the tutorial programme assist students in developing their employability skills. Focus is placed on the skills students may need for their potential career pathway alongside writing CV’s, mock interviews and personal statement writing to support applications.
  • Support with time management and study skills – Through the tutorial programme support is provided to students to help reinforce the types of study skills that work best for them. This compliments the work that curriculum staff do with the students on study skills. Progress Coaches can support students with their time management skills to ensure that deadlines are met and that relevant work is submitted.
  • Pastoral issues – Important issues such as Safeguarding and Prevent; e-safety; and anti-bullying are covered in large group tutorials. Safeguarding ensures students are more mindful of how to keep themselves safe and who to speak to if they have any concerns. Prevent, which is part of the Government’s Counter Terrorism Strategy, makes students aware of how to reduce the threat of radicalisation; e-safety helps students to think about the consequences of the information they post online; and anti-bullying encourages students to treat each other with respect.
  • Physical and mental health and wellbeing – The tutorial programme covers the benefits of good physical health and wellbeing with advice on how to lead a healthy life. There is also a focus on the importance of mental health, where the effects of anxiety and stress, which can arise particularly at exam times, can be looked at with promotion of strategies of dealing with such impacts outlined.


In addition to delivering the tutorial programme Progress Coaches offer pastoral support for students and are often the first person a student will go to if they have any problems or worries. Progress Coaches, alongside curriculum staff, monitor attendance and behaviour and make contact home if there are any concerns.

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