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The Corporation meets at least termly and has established a number of Committees to take forward its work. As a publicly-funded institution, the Corporation is committed to transparency and accountability in its provision of information to the public. All minutes of the meetings of the Corporation and its Committees are placed on this website and remain there for 12 months following the meeting:

Name Next Meeting View Minutes
Corporation Tue, 12 February, 2019
Audit Committee Tue, 12 March, 2019
Search Committee Wed, 10 July, 2019
Resources Committee Tue, 29 January, 2019
Quality, Teaching and Learning Committee Tue, 5 March, 2019

The Corporation

The Corporation (the governing body) has overall responsibility for the way in which the College is run, that is, its mission, strategic policy and direction and the future development of the College.  The Governors at Franklin College are volunteers from all walks of life who join together with the common goal of supporting the educational ethos of the College and ensuring its financial integrity together with an excellent quality of provision for the students.  They do not manage the College and are not involved in its day to day operations.

Corporation Members

The Franklin College Corporation comprises 11 members from all walks of life who are independent and external to the College, 2 student members, 2 parent members, 2 staff members and the College’s Principal. Student and staff members are elected to Corporation by students and staff respectively; other Corporation members are appointed by the Corporation on the advice of the Search Committee:

Independent Members

  • Mr George Baker
  • Mr Alex Baxter (Chair of the Corporation)
  • Mr Alan Bird
  • Mr Joshua Briggs
  • Mrs Carole Faulder (Vice Chair of the Corporation)
  • Ms Joanne Hewson
  • Mr Geoff Hirst
  • Ms Sabine Holmes
  • Mr Greg Marsden
  • Ms Ellen Thinnesen
  • Mr Jerry Woolner

Student Members

  • Mr Ryan Davis
  • Miss Andrena Brader

Parent Members

  • Mrs Dawn Taylor
  • Mrs Sara Wood

Staff Members

  • Mr David Bateson
  • Miss Catherine Stephens


  • Mr Peter Kennedy

Access to Corporation Papers

Copies of all agendas, minutes and associated papers for each meeting of the Corporation and its Committees are available for inspection by members of the public on request at the College Reception during normal working hours or through the Clerk to the Corporation.  However, some of the business conducted by Corporation is confidential and is unavailable to the public. 

Attendance at Corporation Meetings

Any member of the public who is not a member of the Corporation, the Clerk or the Principal may request to attend or be invited to attend Corporation or Committee meetings.  Any request or invitation will be at the discretion of the Chair and should be made via the Clerk to the Corporation.  However, such persons may only speak if invited to do so or with the prior agreement of the Chair of the Corporation or the appropriate Committee Chair.

Becoming a Governor of Franklin College

From time to time, there are vacancies on the Corporation. If you are interested in taking on the varied and demanding role of Corporation member or you would like further information on the work of the Corporation, please contact the Clerk to the Corporation at the following address:

Mrs Sharon Stenton,
Clerk to the Corporation, Franklin College, Chelmsford Avenue, Grimsby, DN34 5BY

Instrument and Articles of Government

For full details of our Instrument and Articles of Government please click here.

Details of Governance Committees

Audit Committee:

Chair: Geoff Hirst

Vice Chair: Sabine Holmes

Remit: This Committee assesses and advises the Corporation on all matters relating to internal and external audit activities and internal control systems at the College. It also advises and supports the Corporation in explaining its annual report and accounts and the measures it has taken to ensure it has fulfilled its statutory and regulatory responsibilities. The Audit Committee meets at least three times a year.

Resources Committee:

Chair: Greg Marsden

Vice Chair: Alan Bird

Remit: This Committee advises the Corporation on the efficient and effective use of resources (including finances, estates, human resources and IT), the solvency of the College and the safeguarding of its assets. It also considers the annual estimates of income and expenditure and monitors the implementation of the budget. The Resources Committee meets at least once a term.

Quality, Teaching and Learning Committee:

Chair: Jerry Woolner

Vice Chair: Greg Marsden

Remit: This Committee advises the Corporation on matters relating to curriculum, quality, teaching, learning and assessment, student outcomes and the student experience. It meets at least once a term.

Search Committee:

Chair: Alex Baxter

Vice Chair: Carole Faulder

Remit: This Committee advises the Corporation on the appointment of new Governors and on the reappointment of existing members with particular regard for the various skills, interests and communities to be represented. It meets at least once a year.

Remuneration Committee:

Chair: Carole Faulder

Vice Chair: Geoff Hirst

Remit: This Committee deals with matters relating to the pay and conditions of service of senior staff and the Clerk. It usually meets once a year.