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College charter

The College Charter sets out the key standards which enable a learning community to operate and thrive. The standards are further developed in the student handbook which is given to all students when they enrol.

The College operates under articles and instruments of government which apply to incorporated FE and Sixth Form Colleges.  The College’s mission statement describes the range of its activity and its core values.

The College intends to regularly evaluate its charter and the standards which are described.  The College’s self-assessment reports and development plans will contain reference to the charter on an annual basis.

For further information, access to any documents or to make any comment on the charter and its operation, please refer to the Clerk to the Corporation.

The College’s Commitment

  • a broad and balanced range of activities to appeal to as wide a section of the community as possible
  • courses leading to soundly-based qualifications
  • a friendly and prompt response to all inquiries informed by well-presented and accurate course information
  • an induction process for students which makes it clear what is expected of them as well as what the college will provide
  • a balanced range of teaching and learning approaches which will suit the student’s aims and experience and which are appropriate to the course content
  • consistency, regularity and punctuality by all staff
  • regular feedback and assessment on student’s progress
  • the opportunity for students to evaluate their courses
  • qualified and experienced staff that are supported by staff development
  • efficient and courteous processing of information affecting students
  • a clear and accessible system for financial records and management information
  • access to unbiased careers guidance and confidential counselling
  • a healthy, safe and secure environment that is free from harassment.

As a student, you can expect:

  • an initial interview to agree your courses and an explanation of what will be expected of you
  • a caring and friendly place in which serious and committed students can study
  • high quality teaching and a commitment to the promotion of learning
  • a learning environment free from discrimination
  • regular reviews with your personal tutor and subject staff
  • impartial careers’ guidance and support
  • ongoing internal assessment and a profile of your progress at regular intervals
  • an introduction to student support services
  • access to multimedia learning facilities and open-access to ICT
  • opportunities to express views through your representative on the student union or through the elected students on the governing body
  • access to a formal complaints procedure
  • information about student activities.

What the college expects from you:

  • personal commitment to your college course and the individual learning goals
  • punctual attendance at all required activities and explanation of absence to your personal/subject tutors
  • immediate contact with the college to notify absence
  • completion of course related work and the acceptance of any conditions on specific requirements laid down by examination bodies
  • behaviour that does not offend others, is not discriminatory in terms of race, gender or disability, and which shows care, consideration and respect to all members of the college community
  • acceptance of responsibility to keep the college clean and tidy
  • compliance with health and safety regulations
  • compliance with college rules and regulations.