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Accessibility Plan for Disabled Students

Franklin College supports students with a range of special educational needs including physical disabilities. We will always aim to do our best, in consultation with you and your family, to ensure our courses, buildings and enrichment activities are accessible and safe so you can feel confident starting Franklin with your peers.

Students entering College with an EHCP will be invited to meet with us prior to commencing studies in order to plan appropriate support. In the case of students with an EHCP who have not made us aware of this prior to enrolment, arrangements will be made as soon as possible, but there may be some inevitable delay in these cases in putting together a full support plan. Support is always planned in consultation with you, the student, and with your family where appropriate. Our aim is always to maximise your independence as much as possible.

If you do not have an Education, Health & Care plan, but believe you would benefit from one, we will be happy to talk you through the process and work with you to submit an application for assessment.

Students with an EHCP will have specific identified Outcomes, which will be reviewed at least annually, using a Person Centred approach. This means that you will have a say in how the review is carried out, to make sure that it is a positive and valuable experience for you.

All staff at Franklin receive training and guidance on making lessons accessible to learners with SEN. This might be via group training, or individual support relating to the needs of a particular learner. However, we are aware that everyone’s needs are different and, by the time you reach College, you will have developed your own strategies which may be unique to you. For this reason, never be afraid to share with us what works for you, so that we can personalise our approach as much as possible.

Within the Learning Support Team, we have specialist teachers and assessors who are able to carry out the majority of needs assessments required by our learners. Where more specialist information is required, this would be bought in as required.

Students with disabilities are actively encouraged to take part in all College activities. These include sporting activities, some of which are specifically arranged by our Sportmaker, overseas and national trips, on site clubs and societies and work experience.


For more information please contact Janet Christmas: 
01472 875000 ext 763 or