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The fascinating and rapidly evolving world of Cyber Security brought to life for Franklin students

Wednesday 2nd May was our 3rd annual Cyber Security Day run by our Computing and IT department. With more contributors and sessions than previous years this event has gone from strength to strength with guests from GCHQ, the Army Intel Corp, Humberside Police Cyber Crime Unit, the RAF and Coventry University Scarborough Campus. Although primarily aimed at IT and Computing Students, talks were also open to all learners, especially those interested in Science, Mathematics, Photography and Linguistic Skills as organisations such as GCHQ, The Army Intel Corp and the RAF look for applications with these skills.

Here is a brief review of the presentations:

Police Cyber Crime unit - A hugely engaging and thought provoking session covering broad aspects of Cyber Crime. It was fascinating to hear about the types and quantity of cyber crime, monitoring, law and police powers.

Coventry University Scarborough Campus – We heard from Mark and Emily who teach on the Cyber Security and Computing degree courses and apprenticeships. This was a perfect opportunity for our students to learn about the HE opportunities in this ever changing field and careers beyond.

Army Intelligence Corps - Franklin Computing and IT students tried their hands at an Army planning exercise. Good fun, a challenge and showing the vast array of roles in the military and the crucial technical skills to be successful.

RAF – This two part session started with a hands-on practical activity were the students had the opportunity to try out some state of the art technology for searching buildings for listening and monitoring devices. The second part focused on using data in an engaging simulated military intelligence activity. This session truly highlighted some of the crucial high-tech and analytical roles in the military.

GCHQ - A talk on the nature and importance of the work of GCHQ and their career opportunities.

Our thanks to all of the contributors. It was a really great day and we look forward to continuing to raise the aspirations of our students through developing a passion for their subjects and expanding their knowledge of the opportunities that can await them.


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Posted by Andrew Howden

May 03, 2018 at 12:23 PM

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