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Race to the Finish!

As the countdown to exam season has officially started for our second years, we launched our "Kick Start Your Revision" programme.

A mixture of revision sessions and resources to support our students preparing for their exams, which has resulted in a really productive and positive atmosphere around Franklin.

Below are some quotes from Student feedback about the campaign; 

  • "It has helped me improve my revision and I think it has pushed some people to revise, who may not have known how to revise effectively before"

  • "It has helped me understand how to revise more efficiently and manage my time"

  • "I have liked how the college is helping us with revision techniques to properly succeed"

We also have plenty of revision sessions available over the Easter break for students. 

Click here for our Easter Revision Timetable. 

Don't forget about our rewards scheme where students can redeem a Costa Coffee for attending study sessions!


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Posted by CJ Stephens

April 03, 2023 at 2:51 PM

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