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National Careers Week 2022

National Careers Week 7th - 11th March 2022

Franklin College had a huge number of events taking place during National Careers Week this year, as part of our ever-developing careers programme. These were all designed to give our students plenty of information so that they can make the right progression choice once they leave college. 

National Careers Week is always one of our busiest and most exciting weeks of the year, and this year we had more than 35 universities and 50 employers / apprenticeship providers taking part!

On Monday, we had a bespoke Employability Day for our Single Year students, which included a motivational session from PUSH with the aim of inspiring our students to want to do well and to push themselves, and believe that they can achieve all they want to.

On Monday and Tuesday, we had a number of employers coming in to college to interview our Year 2 students who are not going to university, with a real-life mock interview.  Students had all sent their CV and covering letter to the employers prior to the interview and was given the chance to attend an interview and gain feedback afterwards.  This was designed to help students so that when they attend a real interview they are much more prepared and can take on board any feedback, and perform to their very best.

Wednesday was our showcase day of events, with our 3rd annual STEM conference taking place, followed by our Progression Evening; both of which were a huge success! Throughout the two events, we hosted over 1000 students, inclusive of partner secondary schools and our very own Franklin STEM students, and over 80 exhibitors from the country's leading universities, apprenticeship providers and employers who worked with and advised students on their journey to their dream future in STEM!

More information on these events can be found below:

On Thursday and Friday, we took time to reflect on the fabulous events that had taken place, and started preparation and planning for next years NCW to make it even more amazing!


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Posted by Jamie Parker

March 01, 2022 at 1:22 PM

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