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Message to students receiving their level 3 grades on 13 August 2020

You will see a lot of media stories about your grades this year.

The most important thing to do at this time is to not worry, talk to us if you have any concerns, especially if the grades you have been awarded mean you cannot progress to your planned University, Apprenticeship or Employment. It is really important that we start to explore all potential appeals as quickly as possible. 

Our early analysis of the grades received shows that overall pass rates are very high and that many students have achieved exceptionally well and will make excellent progress to their next step. However, in common with a huge number of colleges nationally, we have seen that there are a number of areas where the grades awarded fall short of the Centre Assessed Grades we submitted.

Where we feel that the grades awarded are not a true reflection of your achievements, we will be working closely with the exam boards to address this.

The process of appealing grades will be different this year and is currently being reviewed by the government and so subject to change. The current process is outlined on our website, including the next steps you should take. We will keep you informed of changes to the appeals process, and may be in contact with you directly if you are affected by these changes. 

Please note that as of 13 August:

  • If you feel your Awarded Grades are far below your expectations, then we will make available your Centre Assessed Grade (CAG - the grade we submitted for you) so it can be compared with the grade awarded by the examination board. Contact
  • If your University/Apprenticeship place was declined, but would have been secure had you been awarded your CAG then get in touch with us so we can follow up urgently and support you. You can call or email College Services in the first instance on (01472) 875000 or
  • If you wish to be put in for the October ‘resit’ examination in any subject you should let us know so that we can log this and follow up with you. Contact
  • We will be lodging an appeal against a number of grades on grounds of unfairness. The precice appeal mechanism is not yet clear from the Awarding Bodies






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Posted by Phil Cullen

August 13, 2020 at 8:05 AM

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