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Law students visit Leeds Crown Court

This week some of our Law students had the opportunity to visit Leeds Crown Court and try out their skills as a Barrister in a mock trial competition.

This is what Franklin student Beka Chanturia had to say:

"This week we visited Leeds Crown Court as a part of a competition which was set up by the Career Ready programme. On arrival we got told what cases we would be given and headed upstairs to where the competition was taking place. As the defence Barrister for my team my first case started at 9:45am and so I had little time to prepare before I was in the court. During the case I had to defend the person convicted of the offence and persuade the jury to give a not guilty verdict. After the case was over I took on the role as a jury member for the remainder of the day and others acted as the Barristers."

The Trip was a fantastic experience which provided me with valuable skills I can implement in the future. The trip has enhanced my confidence greatly by giving me the opportunity to speak in front of an audience even one with high authority members such as a judge. The trip has improved my presentation skills as I had to present my evidence to the court and has improved my communication skills by providing the opportunity to act as a Barrister defending a client. The trip is highly recommended to take part in as it will provide once in a lifetime opportunity to visit a court and have the opportunity to have a role in a mock court case and compete with other schools and colleges around the country. The trip was enjoyable and a privilege to be a part off.


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Posted by Webmaster

December 01, 2016 at 2:24 PM

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