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Franklin students develop their CSI skills

Franklin students across the Science and Criminology departments have just completed an innovative new Franklin Crime Scene Investigation enrichment session. Students were able to gain a basic insight into the main areas of interest within the fields of Forensic investigative techniques and situations where these techniques had been used in real life criminal cases. The areas covered in the sessions included;

  • Analysis of blood spatter patterns - where one tutor had a bit too much fun decorating the laboratory walls!
  • Tool marks, where students had a fantastic time creating a variety of patterns on different surfaces.
  • Footprint marking which students went through the process of recording, processing and analysing.
  • Fingerprints which were produced using our homemade superglue fuming tank to lift prints which were not visible to the naked eye!

The final session saw students working their own crime scene from sketching out their scene and recording each piece of evidence to processing and coming up with a theory of the events which may have unfolded and naming a potential suspect!

The staff and students really enjoyed this innovative activity which we will be developing next year with even more activities including outdoor crime scenes. If you are interested in Forensic Science and the work of CSI teams then why not get involved!


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Posted by Andrew Howden

March 26, 2018 at 8:55 AM

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