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Franklin students defeat the Escape room

Last week the Cyber-centurian team at Franklin put their code breaking skills into practice with a trip to the 'Escape' rooms in Hull. They are clearly mastering the techniques with an escape with time to spare.

Franklin students part of the team were: Callum king, Dan Foster, Tom Watson, Jack McCutcheon, Jake O’Sullivan. Well done!

Callum King wrote this:

Today me, the rest of the Cyber Centurion team and Alf went on a college trip to Escape. The point of Escape is that you all get put into a room and have to escape within an hour. There are many code breaking activities, riddles and puzzles to find your way out. Each room has a different scenario, we were in 'The Taken' room. This room consisted of one of our friends have been kidnapped and we need to find him and escape with him. We were tested with mental skills, problem solving skills and struggled on multiple parts. Everybody in the team chipped in and we all worked together and in the end we was able to escape in 49 minutes. The best time ever for that room was 46 minutes, so I'd say we didn't to too bad. It's something we all enjoyed and would definitely do again.


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Posted by Webmaster

November 21, 2016 at 9:45 AM

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