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Franklin student keeping history alive

Franklin student Tom Near impressed the residents and staff of Cranwell Court care home in Grimsby on Wednesday afternoon when he presented his much anticipated presentation on the life and career of local World War Two hero George Butler.

Taking centre stage to deliver an emotive presentation, and joined by George's wife Betty, Tom took his audience on a well-researched journey that he had pieced together during his regular visits with Betty over the past few months.

Accompanied by photographs from Betty's private collection and set to the tune of specially chosen musical tracks that Betty had selected from the couple's early years, the afternoon allowed the residents of Cranwell Court the opportunity to come together to laugh and reminisce about their many shared experiences.

Through his work at the home, Tom has helped establish a meaningful and worthwhile interchanging of ideas between the older and younger generation in Grimsby. His project has also ensured that the bravery and heroism of George Butler will certainly not be forgotten, and nor it seems will the stories of our elderly citizens so long as compassionate students like Tom are prepared to help bring them to life.


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Posted by Andrew Howden

September 29, 2017 at 10:20 AM

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