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Franklin Humanities students visit Yarborough Primary School

Franklin Humanities students interested in careers in teaching had the opportunity this week to visit Yarborough Primary School and work with a really talented group of children.

This is what Franklin student Holly McCormick had to say about the visit:

"At Yarborough Primary School, we had the opportunity to experience a full term’s work completed by the pupils. It was a highly beneficial and surprising experience for students as nobody expected the level of knowledge that the pupils had on the subject of Ancient Egypt. It was apparent that we had under-estimated the capability of the pupils as we walked around the exhibits asking, the pupils, questions that they were perfectly able to answer. The high standard of work was really refreshing to see as it was clear that the children had put a lot of effort into their work.

It was not only a beneficial experience due to the fact it cleared up misconceptions about the capability of primary school children but it also gave an insight into teaching, specifically what teaching this age of children would be like. We had the opportunity to speak with the year 6 teachers and ask any questions, which we found very helpful when considering a career teaching in this field. It was fun learning about new aspects of history that we haven't learnt on the Modern History course. The Egyptian food and drink section was particularly appreciated and the models and fun activities involving archaeology was also highly enjoyable. In conclusion, the trip was a success. "


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Posted by Webmaster

November 30, 2016 at 4:20 PM

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