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Franklin College Career Academy: Think Logistics Workshop

As part of the Career Ready Programme, Franklin College’s Business and Logistics Academy students were lucky enough to take part in the Think Logistics Workshop.

Set up by Steve Granite, Abbey Logistics MD, and presented by Brighthouse, the workshop included a presentation on the different opportunities in Logistics and a series of Logistics-based tasks.

The workshop was created to raise awareness to students about the variety of career opportunities in the Logistics industry.

With Brighthouse presenting the workshop, the students were taken through the different career opportunities that are available in the industry. They then gave different accounts of how they came to work in Logistics themselves and how they enjoy the variety each day working in the industry can bring.

The students were then asked a number of questions at the start of the workshop, and if they answered them correctly, they were given some paper money but were not told what this was for.

Further on in the workshop, the students were challenged with making a vessel from paper, plastic cups and sellotape. The vessel had to float at least 6 sweets on water for 10 seconds without sinking. They had 30 minutes to collect their materials, calculate the cost of their vessel and the fuel and build their vessel. The students could use the paper money they had gained from answering questions correctly to pay for some of the cost of their vessel.

Each group succeeded in creating a vessel that could float at least 6 sweets on the water and all successfully calculated the correct cost of their vessels.

The winning team succeeded in floating around 57 sweets in their vessel without it sinking.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and learnt more about the Logistics industry and the different opportunities within it.


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Posted by Webmaster

November 22, 2016 at 9:42 AM

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