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Computer Science – Great opportunities for young people in our area

At Franklin College you can study a range of Computing/IT related courses at both Level 2 and Level 3 (A-Level’s and Cambridge Technical). In Computer Science you can learn to program using C#, SQL, Haskell and develop an advanced computer program to suit the needs of a client. You can study Database Design, Mathematics relating to Computing, Problem Solving and learn about the Computers Hardware. In the IT Cambridge Technical qualifications you can study for both a single and a double option with more focus on coursework. The units taught include the following: Cyber Security, App Design, Website Design, Games Design, Social Media and Digital Marketing, The Internet Of Everything and many more topic areas.

The department offer an exciting Enrichment group in Cyber Security where you have the opportunity to gain an EPQ qualification in Cyber Security and take part in the Cyber Centurion Challenge. Students also take part in a Cyber Security day involving GCHQ and the Army Intelligence Corps.

Why study Computer Science?

There are so many options available after studying A Level Computer Science.  You can apply for roles such as a software Developer, Cybersecurity Consultant, Web Designer, Systems Analyst and much more.  So who employs a computing specialist?  Government departments, the NHS, large companies such as Phillips 66, British Steel and Siemens, banks and retailers as well as the security services.  In short computing specialists are employed in every sector.  A former Franklin student, Lewis, who studied Computer Science at the University of Hull said that every single person on his course found related employment very quickly after graduating, this is almost unheard-of.  In our region a Programme or Software developer job role attracts an average salary of £35,000.  An Analyst or Systems Designer could expect to earn on average £38,000 (Labour Market Information).

You don’t have to go to university to get a great job.  There are many Higher Apprenticeships and Sponsored degrees where studying Computer Science at A Level will be an advantage.  These schemes enable students to start earning a salary, gain valuable work experience and get all fees paid for their further study! These opportunities are at various locations across the UK and usually attract a starting salary that enables you to move to shared accommodation in a different town.  You can expect to be employed by the company on a graduate salary after you finish your training as they have invested a lot of money into developing your career. 

Some examples of these are:

One of our former students successfully gained a place on the CGI Technical Sponsored Degree Scheme.  At CGI you could be working on everything from Space and Defence to Bid Management, Cyber-Security to Project Management.  Based in Reading he worked four days a week whilst attending university and studying towards his degree on the fifth day.


BT offers a number of technical apprenticeships including one in information technology. You will work in network design & management, software design or cyber security.  This is a full degree apprenticeship and allows you to complete a full honours degree alongside your employment. You will not pay student fees, and will earn a wage throughout. To be eligible you must have attained 3 A levels at grades BCC or above, or an equivalent qualification.

This Level 4 apprenticeship is in Cyber Security. With a focus on practical experience, supported by classroom learning, you’ll learn everything you need to launch your career.  With locations across the UK you’ll be working on live projects to prevent cyber-crime – decrypting data and untangling malware to create solutions to some of the most complex business challenges available. 


Working with GCHQ, including the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), this Degree Apprenticeship will allow you lots of new opportunities to explore. Earn while you learn, with a salary and all the benefits that you would expect from a Civil Service organisation and gain a recognised degree. Over three-years you’ll get a mix of university-delivered classroom and lab education in state-of-the-art facilities along with technical training, mentoring and job shadowing, and hands-on, work-based placements and projects.

Local opportunities

Four previous Franklin College Computing/IT students are now working for a Finance company located in Grimsby. Advantage Finance Ltd on Moss Road are a leading supplier of specialist finance facilities, via motor dealers throughout the UK, that facilitate the purchase of new and used cars, vans, motorbikes and caravans. Students Adam Bingham and Thomas Lovell are now working as programmers within the company to provide specialist and bespoke systems. Advantage Finance are currently seeking further programmers to join their growing team and a course in Computer Science/IT will help somebody gain the necessary to join their team.

Below are a few case studies documenting former Franklin College students who have recently moved onto fantastic opportunities within computer science and information technology.

Connor Stephenson – Apprenticeship at Unilever


"Franklin taught me almost everything I know about Computing, IT and Computers in general. While taking both IT and Computer Science the support within IT was phenomenal. I was always offered help, if needed. If you are willing to learn they will help you the best they can. After learning about degree level apprenticeships from Darren, my Computer Science Tutor at the time. I decided that university wasn't for me but instead I wanted to apply for some Apprenticeships. Where I would get experience within the workplace and a degree at the end of the scheme.

“What I have learnt through Computer Science and IT at Franklin gave me a huge leg up, meaning I already had a lot of the foundation knowledge that not many people on my same course have and with this it also helped me secure my role here. The Computer Science Project was by far the best part of Computer Science, giving me experience and allowing me to show my independence to the people who interviewed me and allowed me to get a role at a multinational company - Unilever.

Franklin was a huge part in allowing me to get this role and allowing me to start the progression to my future working within the IT industry.

“I'm currently doing a Digital and Technology Degree Apprenticeship at Unilever in Port Sunlight. Working on many of the things I learned about in college, like SQL, some programming and scripting, doing a lot of work with networking and servers and much more. The program includes me working towards a full Bachelor's Degree at the end of the 4 year program, which allows me to have one day a week off to study towards this from the course I will be doing things like Object-Orientated Programming and eventually a specialist module working on programming and software development”. 

Annabella Ladley – Apprenticeship at SSE

“I moved out of my parents’ house in August and I'm now living in a big private house share with 6 other people (aged 19-30) who I quickly became great friends with.

“There's 11 apprentices in total (3 girls) and we have 6 month long rotations in different IT teams for the 4 years of the apprenticeship. I'm currently in a team that supports an essential application used to book meter readings and installs, I use VB.NET, Visio and SQL queries and databases so the things I learned in my computing A Level have come in very useful. Some of my future rotations will be in governance, architecture and emerging technologies. The emerging technology team get to play with games consoles and virtual reality all day so I'm definitely looking forward to that one. I have also been lucky enough to be the only apprentice that has shadowing sessions with the security threat investigation team because of my interest in security, these sessions are always the highlight of my week. 

“On Wednesdays I spend the day at university (Chichester University- Bognor campus). The lectures are done in a classroom with only 20 students so there is plenty of opportunities to speak to the lecturers and I've gotten to know all the students really well. We often go to the student union at lunch times to play pool or go on the xbox.

“Overall I'm really enjoying the apprenticeship and although it’s only been 3 months, my confidence has sky rocketed. I'd definitely recommend the scheme for current computing/IT students. You get a similar experience to a normal university course except the degree is free, you get 4 years industry experience and I'm currently earning over £1k a month after tax (its set to go up to £30k pa by the last year of the course).

"When I first started at Franklin I was sure I wanted a career in Pharmaceuticals and I only decided to take computer science as filler subject because with the tech world advancing daily, I thought it could help a little. However, after my first term at college my mind had been changed completely. Learning how computers worked and communicated, as well as learning to code really sparked my interest and I knew it was something I wanted to take further. So, with the help of my tutor at, Franklin and the computer science staff, I applied for a higher apprenticeship in IT. Now I'm in my second year with that company. They are paying for me to get a degree whilst I work fulltime and earn a living wage. When my course is over I will have a degree, no debt and 4 years work experience making it easier for me to get a job in the future. If it wasn't for the friendly, approachable staff at Franklin and how interesting they make the computer science lessons, I definitely wouldn't be where I am today”.

Link to apprenticeship info:

Andy Green – Started own business -  Lyke Ltd

“In 2015 I left Franklin College with AS in Business Studies and A levels in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science. College played a bigger part in shaping my career than I could have ever imagined and taught me things that I never realised I needed to know about. 

“I now run my own business called Lyke Ltd., which provides bespoke digital solutions and websites to businesses. I had known this is what I wanted to do for a couple of years previous and had started to set up the business selling off-the-shelf software rather than bespoke software. As part of my Computing course, I developed a piece of software for my previous secondary academy to use and drew up supporting documentation which showed every stage of development. This was so well received that I was asked by the chain that owned the academy, David Ross Education Trust, to roll the system out to all 10 secondary academies which they run and we continue to work closely together to improve the system to this day.

“I now have 17 clients and growing and provide a variety of different services and even manage one client’s IT systems for them. Recently I also delivered training to a firm based in Belgium which I built a website for.

“Not only do I take pride in the growing client base, but I am also proud that I have been able to offer internships and currently work with volunteers. This provides an opportunity for me to give back to the community and help people to gain knowledge and experience that will enhance their CVs and give them a head start in their careers. Additionally I was proud to receive the Northern Lincolnshire Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2016 and to be a finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the Lincolnshire Digital & Tech Awards in 2017.

“I attribute a lot of my success to studying Computing at Franklin College. Having the A level itself provides clients with peace of mind and together with the knowledge I gained, has played a role in helping me to win clients. More importantly though the course broadened and consolidated my existing knowledge, covered topics that I may have never ordinarily looked at, and proved to be absolutely invaluable in the real world due to the organisational, planning and interpersonal skills the course developed. I rely on the knowledge that I gained in Computing every day now and there are times when I know I would’ve struggled if I hadn’t have taken the subject. What’s more, being at Franklin meant that I could take advantage of several enrichment opportunities within the subject area and sign up to become a mentor.

“For anyone considering a career in the digital space, especially in programming or hardware, I would fully recommend choosing Computer Science as an option at Franklin College. The fundamentals skills the course teaches are transferable and will always be required. There will be an ever increasing demand for people who can code well and reliably, with a solid understanding of technology. As a student it is often easy to question the real world applications of topics within a classroom environment, but it is clear to me that an A Level in Computer Science is much more than another grade”.

Emma Cornford – Business Analyst at Interflora

“I am currently working for Interflora as a Business Analyst in the IT department. My job involves working with all areas of the business analysing their processes and IT systems and working with business stakeholders to understand their problems and needs. I am then able to document requirements of a new process or system, design a potential solution and create to-be processes as a solution to business problems, which I then work through with the developers in India. My role sits in-between the business and the IT developers and allows me to gain a broad understanding of all areas of the business along with understanding how our systems work from a technical perspective; which is a great mix. Without taking Computer Science and then going on to completing a Computing degree, I would not have the skills or knowledge to allow me to carry out this well-rounded role”.



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Posted by Andrew Howden

January 11, 2018 at 10:23 AM

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