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Career Academy students Emergency First Aid training

On Wednesday 29th November, our 2nd year Health Career Academy students were given the opportunity to take part in a full day of Emergency First Aid at Work training, provided by LIVES.

The students were taught the key skills and qualities of a First Aider and various techniques in how to prevent and deal with minor and major injuries, and also gained some practical skills on how to assess and treat patients.

They were taught key skills such as CPR and how to use a defibrillator, the recovery position, how to check for pulse, how to stop bleeding, how to clear a casualties airways, and how to treat shock.

They were also given the opportunity to look at all the different equipment used as a First Aider. This included, different types of bandages, a defibrillator, a tourniquet and other such equipment.

The students then took a short test at the end of the training and all passed with flying colours!

Well done to all students who took part!


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Posted by Andrew Howden

December 01, 2017 at 11:30 AM

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