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A speech, about speeches - Franklin students do fantastically well at public speaking event

Franklin humanities students have recently returned from Wyke 6th Form College after competing in a varied and enthralling public speaking event. Our students were tasked to deliver a speech of their choice on a non politically fueled topic. After much deliberation they performed admirably with a speech on speeches, using comedy and eccentricity to engage the audience. Great job and a valuable skill learned!

Here is what Franklin student Joe Rice had to say:

A Speech, About Speeches?

Very recently, three students of Franklin College participated in a speaking competition at Wyke Sixth Form College in Hull, sponsored by the fantastic members of the local Rotary Club. The students were tasked with creating a speech centering around a topic of their choice, as long as the topic was not politically-fueled, meaning that unfortunately, they were not able to campaign for further sixth-form standalone college funding. Looks like we’re still going to be buying our own textbooks for now.

Much debate took place concerning the topic of the speech, with various fleeting ideas about speeches surrounding the positives of puritanism and domesticated grizzly bears only emphasising their desperation. After what felt like a 10 day pilgrimage, it was decided that the speech would actually centre around the topic of writing a speech, the main message being that it is the delivery of the speech that takes precedence, not the topic it surrounds.

On the day of the speech, after many last minute adjustments to get the speeches just right, they were ready to present; even after arriving late due to mild traffic and a rather odd man in a toll booth on the Humber Bridge. The competition was rife, and after many dazzling and certainly more serious speeches surrounding the topics of modern slavery, feminism and even ‘meninism’ it was the turn of Franklin College, and their speech about speeches. A slightly more humorous twist compared to the sincerity of the other speeches, the students’ speech was a force to be reckoned with, and it resulted in their finishing 4th place, a stupendous achievement. They were described as the ‘people’s champion’, after various members of other colleges and the Rotary Club expressed their gratitude at the eccentricity of the speech. The student’s conveyed their desire to participate in further public speaking events, and if one thing is for certain, they will be back next year, louder, funnier, and just as unorganised.


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Posted by Andrew Howden

March 22, 2018 at 11:23 AM

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