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A message about unconditional offers from our Careers Advisor

There has been a real increase in the number of unconditional offers made in recent years.  Although ironically there is sometimes a ‘condition’ such as making that university your firm choice before the offer becomes unconditional.  Keep in mind that choosing your course and university is a really important decision so your choice should be based on whether the course is right for you and not on the fact that you have an unconditional offer.  So if you previously had your sights on a different university don’t give up on that just because it will involve a bit more effort. 

First of all, if you do have unconditional offer(s), congratulations!  Having some certainty around where you are going means that you can concentrate on the job in hand i.e. getting great grades in your exams.

There is a temptation to think there is no point in working for your upcoming examinations and that you can take your foot off the pedal.  Don’t do it!  Your exams are still important; they will be on your CV and will be a factor for consideration for many graduate schemes and jobs after university.  It could come back to bite you in the future if you relax now.

If your unconditional has no ‘conditions’ and it is not your first choice then there is nothing to stop you making that your insurance choice which would take some of the stress away.  Do bear in mind though that both your firm and insurance choices should be courses that you are prepared to attend.

Above all don’t rush – you can wait until you have received all of your offers before responding.  Take the opportunity to go on applicant days and revisit your original choices.  Remember you are going to be there for three years or more.  Make sure your decision is right for you.  Good luck.


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Posted by Andrew Howden

January 11, 2018 at 12:21 PM

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