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Extended Diploma Courses (Three A Level Equivalent)

Extended Diploma Courses (Three A Level Equivalent)

Exciting Vocational opportunities for you at Franklin College

Working with Higher Education providers and employers we ensure that we are offering the best study programmes with the broadest range of opportunities to our students. That is why we will be extending our selection of highly successful vocational options to include a number of Extended Diplomas (Equivalent to three A Level qualifications). 

We are planning to offer the following Extended Diplomas this year:

Developing such skills and expertise within any of these courses is valuable if you want to go to University and every year thousands of young people go onto Higher Education from Extended Diploma courses.

We know from our partners that these Diplomas are highly valued Study Programmes, here is some information on what universities and employers think about these well regarded qualifications.

Sheila Dowling, Head of Admissions, The University of Hull says:
“At the University of Hull we welcome applications from students who have studied the Extended Diploma qualification as this equips successful candidates with appropriate skills to thrive in a university environment.”

Rachel Maguire, Head of People Development, Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust says:
“At the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust we are always very pleased to see developments in local education which promote the valuable careers in the NHS. We have worked with Franklin College for several years through their Health Career Academy and our Allied Health Professional partnership. We are pleased to see the Health and Social Care Extended Diploma course starting at Franklin as it will give students more time to learn about topics crucial to their future working life.”

Emma Jubbs, Head of Undergraduate Recruitment, University of Lincoln says:
“At the University of Lincoln we value the Extended Diploma qualifications as they help students to develop the independent study skills, research ability and vocational knowledge to thrive on our university courses and beyond.”

If you do not have an application for Franklin College yet and would like to study one of these courses in September then please APPLY NOW through this website.

If you would like to find out more you can get in touch with the admissions team on the details below or follow the subject links above.

T. 01472 875004


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